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Best Flower Glass Greenhouse-Bozong Greenhouse
The importance of greenhouse flower production as early as the growers are well known,the use of greenhouse cultivation of flowers, not only can effectively control the temperature,light,humidity, carbon dioxide concentration and other environmental .
flower glass greenhouse
flowers glass greenhouse for sale

The importance of greenhouse flower production:

The importance of greenhouse flower production as early as the growers are well known, the use of greenhouse cultivation of flowers, not only can effectively control the temperature,light, humidity, carbon dioxide concentration and other environmental factors, production of quality horticultural products, but also to break the seasonal restrictions Flower Growth to reach annual production, the supply of flowers. In addition, for those not suitable for local cultivation of flowers, it can also be used to create a suitable environment facility greenhouse conditions, introduction and nurturing. Jianchuan Greenhouse is due to its advanced facilities and greenhouse spray, drip irrigation technology, making flowers for export products with high market competitiveness.

All of commercial greenhouses are made with top quality aluminum frames . Each commercial greenhouse has been designed with a special grooved channel frame to help reinforce the panels against wind and weather. This quality commercial greenhouse is backed up by a 20-year structural warranty for your peace of mind. The Flower greenhouse offers beautiful appearance, stable structure, and good thermal insulation performance, is a good choice for scientific research and experimental base.

Greenhouse Flowers varieties:

Greenhouse flowers are not hardy plants, they do not overwinter in cold temperate regions, there must be a greenhouse equipment to meet the needs of these flowers grow on. Greenhouse flowers wide range of temperature requirements vary, depending on the temperature level, can be divided into cold room flowers, low greenhouse flowers, flowers, greenhouse temperature and high-temperature greenhouse flowers.

 Cold room flowers :
Indoor temperature is kept at 2 ~ 5 ℃, such as bamboo palm, cycads and other foliage plants.

 low greenhouse flowers:
Such flowers are semi-resistant flowers, usually kept at room temperature 5 ~ 8 ℃, such as Primula etc.

◆ Temperature greenhouse flowers:
Such flowers are not hardy, mostly subtropical origin. At room temperature is usually
maintained at 8 ~ 15 ℃, such as Calceolaria, fuchsias and so on.

 High temperature and greenhouse flowers:
Such flowers originating in tropical room temperature is usually maintained at 15 ~ 25 ℃, such as Codiaeum like.

Determine the direction of vegetable greenhouses:


Should be built on a low water table , adequate water, drainage and irrigation convenient , pollution-free soil loose and fertile land ; seat to the general requirements for the north-south direction , air vents located in east and west sides .

The advantage of this is :  

( 1 ). Help reduce the greenhouse humidity ;

( 2 ). Reducing greenhouse scaffolding cultivated crops , mutual shading between the stalk crops , so that by the light evenly ;

( 3 ). Avoid the greenhouse in the winter when ventilation ( cooling ) , operating ventilation , cooling and excessive intrusion of the north , while increasing the amount of ventilation .

Development of greenhouse vegetable cultivation technology , can be said to be a trend, with the improvement of people's living standards , vegetable diversification requirements will further increase , vegetable greenhouses can compensate for the lack of seasonal vegetables , no doubt in the future of vegetable production It will have an important role.

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