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Irrigation and/or Fer irrigation system
One greenhouse should be arrange one work track , and one irrigation machine work for one greenhouse , It's will be arrange Converting track if you want to used several greenhouse, but we advice that one machine used for more than three-span greenhous .


One greenhouse should be arrange one work track , and one irrigation machine work for one greenhouse , It's will be arrange Converting track if you want to used several greenhouse, but we advice that one machine used for more than three-span greenhouse . The irrigation machine from one greenhouse transfer to other greenhouse which should be push by the manual , In order to save plant area that the Converting track common installation on the up of greenhouse and so that combine the water and electric .

2.Irrigation system structure :

The irrigation with two parts  consist of which is running track and main machine .

A. Running Track
The track divide to work track and Converting track , the machine was sprinkler job on the work track which consist of boom and circular steel tube on the frame of roof greenhouse . The Converting track work principle are similarity with work track , It's have enough width and used for Converting the irrigation machine and inlet water rubber pipe pulley when need irrigation for greenhouse . In order to several greenhouse can used one movableirrigation machine .
B. Regulation irrigation system main machine 
It's including reduce motor . Frame of roof , control system , inlet water rubber pipe , rubber pulley .The reduce motor power is 25W , Voltage 220V/50Hz .

The main frame of irrigation system was welded by rectangular stainless steel pipe. Which installation and support motor ,control system ,and inlet water .

The irrigation system being controlled by the control system which are consist of irrigation of controller . frequency converter. wireless remote control circuit. Wireless Remote Controller and control sensor. The inlet water which consist of main inlet water rubber pipe . electromagnetic valve. Spray boom and nozzle.

The inlet water rubber pipe was banding with electric wire together which work on the track go through the pulley and then transit the water and electric to the machine , Electromagnetic valve and the spray boom alone control , the Nozzle was import that it is three orientation change . It is with corrosion resistant materials, fast conversion , precisely spray . And long life span . Meanwhile , The Nozzle also anti-drip design and avoid not good fog shape when the water pressure is low .

3.Irrigation system parameter:

Speed of work : 4~16.5 m/min
Length of spray boom: MAX 15 m
Work of journey: MAX 60 m
Inlet water pressure: 2~5 kgf/cm2
Nozzle form: Three drip-proof fast conversion ,Spray Angle 110º,Opening pressure 0.7 kgf/cm2
Type: 800067VP,8004VS,8006VS
Flux: 0.28 l/min,1.65 l/min,2.46 l/min(pressure 3 kgf/cm2)
High of Nozzle: From the crop ≥400 mm,the high of nozzle can be adjust.
Motor power: 250 W
Input Voltage: ~220 V /PH3/ 50 Hz
Size: L900 mm X W900 mmX H385 mm
Weight: about 70 kg


4.Irrigation system characteristic:

Work part 
1). Positive work
2). Negative work
3). Stop
4). Continuously irrigation work

Adjust the speed 
Continuously adjust the speed 4m/min to 16m/min

Spray control 
1). Off the lift spray
2). Off the right spray
3). Go forward , retreat , Reciprocating spray . And stop .
Main machine of irrigation system illustrate 
). Frame of main machine: The shell was stainless steel and the surface was Anti-Corrosion Additives. The shape pretty.
2). Work principle: The motor drive with three-phase match the belt wheel.
3). Control box: Anti-water control box.
4). Control sensor: Superior electromagnetic sensor.
5). Frequency converter: Continuously adjust the speed 4m/min to 16m/min.
6). Wireless Remote Controller: Long -range wireless remote controller for 100mw with strong anti- interference technology.
7). Nozzle: Import from the USA that is the most better nozzle.
8). Electromagnetic valve: Import form the USA   Power:2W, voltage:AC24V9.Rubber pipe :anti-acidic ,anti-aging pipe with long life span.

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