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Tunnel Film Greenhouse-Bozong Greenhouse
A polytunnel (also known as a tunnel greenhouse, hoop greenhouse or hoophouse, or high tunnel) is a tunnel made of polyethylene,usually semi-circular, square or elongated in shape. The interior heats up because incoming solar radiation from the sun .
Tunnel Film Greenhouse

Tunnel Film Greenhouse(inside)

A polytunnel (also known as a tunnel greenhouse , hoop greenhouse or hoophouse, or high tunnel) is a tunnel made of polyethylene,usually semi-circular, square or elongated in shape. The interior heats up because incoming solar radiation from the sun warms plants, soil, and other things inside the building faster than heat can escape the structure. Air warmed by the heat from hot interior surfaces is retained in the building by the roof and wall. Temperature, humidity and ventilation can be controlled by equipment fixed in the polytunnel. Polytunnels greenhouses are mainly used in temperate regions in similar ways to glass greenhouses and cloches (row covers).


Simple and effective solution for varied and complex topographic conditions.

The structure we use hot dip galvanized pipe to avoid rust.
· Gable spans range from 5 meters to 10 meters.
· Total structure height - 3 meters or 4 meters.
· Covering material thickness - 0.08mm or 0.12mm or 0.15mm.
· Arch roof.
· Ventilation by side-wall openings covered by insect nets and
   roll-up curtains, manually or 
electrically operated.
· May only be covered by polyethylene held with aluminum clips.
· Suitable for all climate conditions and adaptable to any type of landscape.

Basic Info: 

Size: Large      
Layer: Double  

Snow Load: 0.35kn/M2      
Cover Material: Film      

Feature: Large Scale     

Package: Export Package     

Type: Commercial Greenhouse

Wind Load: 0.35kn/M2                     

Recommended Dimensions:

A. 6 mtrs X 40 mtrs (multiples of 4Meter)

B. 8 mtrs X 30 mtrs (multiples of 4 Meter)

C. 9.6 mtrs X 16 mtrs (Top Ventilated multiples of 4 Meter)


●  Wind load up-to 90-100 Km/ hour

●   275 gsm Zinc coated tube

●   Non-welded structure

   Installation manual with CD- Do it Yourself kit

   Well engineered structure with test reports

●   Optional door unit

Use and maintnance:

Greenhouse working life, mainly in the proper use and careful maintenance .

1.  Using the process should pay attention to regular inspection departments fixture connection , a loose wedge should immediately re-retaining . The film was found rupture must be promptly replaced or sticky complement .

2.  Windy , close all vents should be stepping up pressure lamination line . Must be promptly rem-oved when it snows the snow , preventing supercharged , necessary, to add some temporary stays , the central tube against the arch . In case of severe weather , there must be someon responsible for the care greenhouses .

3.  Various fixtures if the loss , damage, loss should promptly contact the factory to purchase accessories. Always on time and fine table name code , the number will fill the time of purchase .

4.  Without removing the greenhouse , the parts are classified cleanup . On the interior dry, ventilated place to prevent recognition corrosion, deformation affect the use life.

Why us ?

 greenhouse to provide customers with the best solutions to the customer's construction. costs. To provide customers with the best solutions that enable customers to increase productivity to 50% --20 %.

Strict quality control system, will be a key node in the process Control , select from product design , material to the construction process and the like.

360 degree control , thus ensuring the quality of the project to extend the life of the product . Most authoritative industry experts tailored for each customer Program with minimal input to generate the greatest return. According to construction workers Professional training , in strict accordance with the operation Practices , so that each project can become a business model template . Construction Team strictly follow the safety operation manual , to ensure construction safety , everything. 

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