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Experts recommend Scientific Research Greenhouse-Bozong
Compared to the general greenhouses, research greenhouses to environmental conditions,such as temperature, humidity, light, noise control system configuration requirements higher.In addition to the usual greenhouse facilities, such as ventilation, coo .
Scientific Research Greenhouse
Scientific Research Greenhouse

Compared to the general greenhouses, research greenhouses to environmental conditions, such as temperature, humidity, light, noise control system configuration requirements higher. In addition to the usual greenhouse facilities, such as ventilation, cooling, warming, irrigation and fertilization, electric control system, also based on specific requirements, installation partition, table, all kinds of test monitoring equipment, fill light system, automatic control system in the room, in order to meet research needs. 


The strict control of the laboratory, plant material, plant breeding and other aspects is divided into the multi room special test in the laboratory.

The structure we use hot dip galvanized pipe to avoid rust.
· Frame of hot dip galvanized steel pipe
· Covering material - 8mm polycarbonate hollow sheet and 5mm glass
· Good light transmittance
· Good at keeping warm


Highly Complicated commercial greenhouse , usually separates into many small compartments for different experiment or different research program, strictly control or manage inside greenhouse, safety level is higher. According to exact requirements, the waste water and solid material can be transformed into a non toxic state. Computer or monitor system is required, and door registering system is popular.

The main purpose:

◆ Animal safety tests, biological safety tests, plant inspection and quarantine and teaching experiments in a greenhouse. In greenhouse production, maintaining the greenhouse temperature is to maintain the basic conditions for good crop growth.

◆ Generally speaking, the greenhouse temperature may vary depending on the outside temperature changes. Variation is, that outside air temperature is higher, the higher the value of the greenhouse warming . In general, the time and temperature of the greenhouse air temperature appeared about two hours later than the land.

◆ Shed temperature often change with the weather and seasonal changes occur. When customers can use the greenhouse temperature variation, increasing a series of protective measures to maintain the greenhouse temperature constant. Large temperature difference between sunny day, rainy light of day a small temperature difference. The lower the temperature, the higher the daily temperature, whereas, on the contrary. In addition, users can also strengthen the greenhouse temperature is adjusted according to the work of early planting vegetable varieties suitable for the growth temperature requirements.

◆ At the same time, different crop temperature requirements are also different. Users can be adjusted according to the actual conditions and crop requirements. For example, after the seedlings before planting generally not ventilated, in order to improve the greenhouse mild temperatures, conducive to the growth of crops. Not only that, but also according to customer adjust for seasonal conditions in early spring because the light is weak, poor warming greenhouse effect, and then add small shed mulching measures in the greenhouse can be used to improve the insulation effect warming.

Can add below systems:(Depend on customers' request)

●Cooling and heating system

●Irrigation system

●Ventilation system

●Fertilization system

●Shading system



Metal structures

Covering system

Install accessories

Worldwide cooperation:

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